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We live in a visual world where beautiful photography is one of the most  important parts of building your brand and your business. No one wants to  buy something from an unrelatable photo, bad lighting or poor composition. Lack of story and context all have an impact on the effectiveness of your brand visuals. As we develop your content strategy, I help you to visually communicate your brand and grow your business with a clear message, cohesive visuals and strong brand presence.


   Our goal is to make sharing your brand easy with a cohesive professional appearance. Our most popular offerings are available on custom frequency contracts so you have a continual clear plan for content marketing with beautiful visuals. 

   In addition to weekly, monthly and seasonal contracts, you can sponsor beSEEN model program shoots for FREE visuals and influencer marketing.  Plus, we offer quarterly in-print marketing campaigns through Atelier Lookbook, a local fashion publication distributed across Acadiana, at a high value, low cost advertising.

Social Media Content

For many of today’s most successful retailers, content and social media marketing has become one of the biggest and most important parts of their overall marketing strategies. We develop imagery portfolios designed to make certain that your marketing strategy is as successful as possible.

Website and Brand Visuals

An effective website will successfully showcase your brand identity, communicating both what you do and who you are.

From headers to profiles, to products and staff spotlights, to blog posts and email newsletters, we make sure your visual message is cohesive and clear to your target demographic.


In the commercial climate of extreme competition, having a unique and creative headshot is essential. We understand that time is money and offer group branding sessions to keep you in top productivity while creating a brand presence that sets your company apart from the crowd.

New Product Launches

When adding and new product or service, having a strategic launch plan begins weeks or months in advance. Our team will help you plan and execute a well rounded launch that engages and excites your target market.


Examples: on-model, flatlays, lifestyle, graphics, ads, lookbooks, 

newsletters, blogs posts, headers, promotions, product launch, editorials, lookbooks, beSEEN shoot sponsor

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Atelier Lookbook

Though digital marketing is a large portion of today's advertising arena, there is still much to be said for utilizing in-print marketing. However, the options are usually expensive and not always guaranteed to reach your target demographic. That's why I created an unconventional approach to in-print marketing by self publishing a local fashion magazine that highlights small businesses in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries. 

   Atelier has the professionalism of Vogue with carefully curated content and engaging copy that reminds readers to find amazing style by shopping local. Published 4 times per year, my team creates stunning editorials for our our Atelier clients with rates to fit all advertising budgets.



(weekly/monthly contract)

$126  2 hour in-studio

$175 2 hour on-location


(seasonal contract)

$210  2 hour in-studio

$280 2 hour on-location


(single use contract)

$420  2 hour in-studio

$525 2 hour on-location



(lookbooks + editorials)

free  beSEEN model shoot sponsor

$250 2 page Atelier editorial

$750+ custom lookbook


(monthly contract)

$126 Content Bundle

  • email newsletter
  • blog post
  • website header
  • Facebook cover


(custom visuals)

$350+ single person headshots

$750+ staff or group headshots

rates vary custom visuals + graphics



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