Do you want your seniors portrait clients to have access to a massive style closet for every season without investing a single penny? Strategic relationships with local boutiques can not only MAKE you money but also elevate your sessions to a luxury experience. In this guide, you will learn my top tips and trade secrets for building relationships with boutique owners and a how to build a consistent income through your local fashion industry. 

What's included? A 19 page pdf FULL of tips, tricks and trade secrets for working in your local fashion industry.

Plus a complete pricing guide to jump start your brand photography hustle!

Bonus Course: Pitch, Please! Learn to sell yourself confidently to get the small business clients YOU want.


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Talking to someone who has "been there done that" is one of the most valuable forms of education.   I'm all about working smarter not harder so I've designed a one-on-one mentorship that focuses on fast implementation with to-the-point knowledge of what has worked and hasn't worked for me to create a sustainable business for the past 9 years. I'm available to mentor you in whatever area is your struggle point.  It's a no BS, let's get it done, when you book a mentorship with me.